Brave is Beautiful

Citizen is proud to support Billie Jean King, tennis legend and pioneer in women’s rights who inspires others to be brave.

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Billie Jean King

Memorialized in the upcoming film ‘Battle of the Sexes,’ Billie Jean King is a tennis legend and longtime advocate for social justice. King grew up playing tennis in California and won 39 grand slam titles during her career. She helped form the Virginia slims series and founded the Women’s Tennis Association. She defeated Bobby Riggs in one of the greatest moments in sports history—the Battle of the Sexes on September 20, 1973.
Citizen celebrates empowered women like her, who inspire courage and leadership everyday. Feeling inspired ourselves, we’ve created a light-powered Billie Jean King commemorative timepiece with a signature caseback and mother-of-pearl dial.  Reward yourself with a special edition watch and join us in supporting the Billie Jean King Leadership Initiative (BJKLI), whose mission is to transform diverse and talented individuals into leaders.  
BJKLI and Citizen believe that every individual has the potential to lead. And BJKLI is working hard to reimagine the image of leadership not just in boardrooms and corner offices, but also at cubicles and desks around the world. And with your help, we can lift others through action and advocacy, we can learn through research and innovation, and we can lead through insight and empowerment. Visit for more.